4 Ways to Make Summer Last Longer

4 Ways to Make Summer Last Longer

The end of summer is just around the corner, which means that back to school is quickly approaching. While some may look forward to this time of year, it is always worth everyone’s time to soak up as much of the summer as possible! Here are 4 ways that you can make summer last a few days longer!

1. Plan A Picnic

Choose some finger-friendly food and invite your children to help you pack! Once you’re ready, head out to a local park, a peaceful corner of your backyard, or a special place that only you know about – make this a hands-on experience, enjoying nature and time with your little.

2. Have a Movie Marathon

This summer has been a fantastic summer of new releases! Choose something new or pick out a collection of long-time favorites. Pop some popcorn and grab your kiddo’s favorite snacks – make it an enjoyable evening in! 

3. Make Back to School Shopping an Adventure! 

Create a list of the items you know your child will need. Before heading off to the store, make finding the items on the list a challenge. Tell them that their upcoming year depends on them finding everything on your list! Let them pick out their own materials, making this a positive interactive experience for them. 

4. One Last Day of Summer Camp! 

Whether your children attend a summer camp or not, kids LOVE summer activities! Thankfully, this is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy. Pick one day to enjoy summer camp-like activities – plan coordinating camp shirts, create summer crafts, go swimming, make up your own camp song, or learn something new!  

Check out our Back to School Pinterest Board for tips, tricks, and helpful insight for the upcoming year!


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