How to Cancel a Listing Contract

Working with the right Realtor is critical when considering buying or selling your home. Why is that?

Imagine working with a Realtor who only does a part of their job, or, imagine working with a Realtor who isn’t able to answer your questions and leaves you feeling unheard or uncared for.

Trust me, it happens.

You may have been asked before “are you currently working with another Realtor or have a signed contract with a Realtor?” You may have even been asked questions about your satisfaction with your current or past Realtor(s).

This is because, as licensed professionals, we don’t want to overstep and interfere with any existing positive relationship(s) you might have with another licensed agent. However, we also want to understand what your experience has been like so that we can help you to navigate canceling any existing contracts or understand what we can do to better serve your needs.

Watch this quick video to learn more about how you can cancel a signed Listing Contract with your agent, and then, when you’re ready, get in touch with Furner Realty Group for a list of questions that you can ask your next agent before agreeing to work with them!

We’re Here to Help you WIN!

If you are a buyer or seller that is unhappy with your current Agent or in need of a Realtor to help you, Furner Realty Group can help to address your needs. Contact a member of Furner Realty Group today to learn more about our standards and what we can do to help you WIN.

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