Why Sell Your Home this Fall?

Now is the time of year when anyone considering selling this year is weighing their options. Do you try to sell now and hope to be in your next home before Winter? Or, do you wait until 2023? These are two questions that I am always happy to discuss in detail, but here are a couple of quick reasons why you might want to consider selling this Fall…

  1. Low home inventory

The current inventory available on the market is still considerably low, which means that you won’t have as much competition in getting your home sold! Your home will stand out in the crowd, driving motivated buyers directly to your front door.

2. Motivated Buyers

With the unpredictable nature of the current market and low inventory, there are plenty of motivated buyers who are looking to buy a home exactly like yours. Many of them have been looking at homes for months with little to no luck. By now, these same buyers are more motivated than they had been when they first started looking.

3. Low Mortgage Rates

*breaks screeching* Yes, you read that correctly! While interest rates have gone up, they are still reasonably low. With today’s rates hanging in the mid-to-high 5s-to-6s, it is still an incredible time to lock in a rate better than the one your parents received in the 1980s. The unpredictability of interest rates adds to buyers’ motivation, as no one knows where rates will go from here.

4. Fall Curb Appeal

Here in South Central PA, fall foliage is a favorite for many, which makes it a great time to list and sell your home! The vibrancy of the trees on your property will bring the exterior of your home to life, appealing to many buyers who will enjoy these sights before and after they settle.

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